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100 Online games is where you can play free games. Enjoy our big collection of action, adventure, puzzle, strategy and defense games. Try some learning games and enjoy sports. We are making some of our games so here you can find some unique ones!

100 Online Games is your portal for free web games. Here you can enjoy action games, strategy games, rpg games and even economy games. We have cool puzzle games like bubble shooters, match three, collapse and physics. You can play any type of casual game. If you like you can visit our education games category and try some typing or math games. We are constantly trying to improve your adventure so we update our games frequently and we try to bring you the most amazing games in all game categories. Playing games on your pc is fun and easy. You don’t need to do anything else except playing. You can choose to play driving games or sport games. Also we have an amazing collection of tower defense games. If you like to play some easy and fun customization games with fantasy creatures try the customization games category of your portal. You can design your own unicorn, tiger or pony. And even a mushroom house game. We also especially recommend the simulators game category. There you can play air control games, traffic control and mall management.