Top Played Games on our site for 2017

Top Played Games

We decided to make a summary with the top played games on our site for the year. Here are the games that you liked and played the most. Maybe not all of you but the biggest percentage of our visitors.

The top played game was Supper Bubbles BubbleShooter

bubble shooter game
BubbleShooter games are very popular with many fans. This bubble shooter game is made with flash and maybe not all browsers support it. Anyway its nice little casual game with challenging gameplay and if you like to play bubble shooter games this one may be your favorite.
Play Supper Bubbles BubbleShooter

The second most popular game on our site was BubbleShooter Classic

bubble shooter classic
Again a bubble shooter game. Its new game and it became popular really fast. Its html5 game that you can play on both pc and mobile browsers and if you like the game you can find it at the android store and play it even when you don’t have internet connection.
Bubble Shooter Classic is exactly what its name says it is – classic bubbles game. You aim and shoot bubbles and the goal is to remove all of them.

Play BubbleShooter Classic now

At third place is another puzzle game Cut the Rope 2

cut the rope
Its another puzzle game but different mechanics. You have to feed cute green monster with candies. To feed it you need to cut different ropes so the candies will drop in its mouth. The game is addicting and with many levels it provides many hours of fun gameplay. And the monster is green and cute.

Play Cut the Rope 2

So these are the top three played games on our site according to our analytics. Users have spent many hours on them and I am not surprised on which games are the most popular.