Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire
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Tiger Spider Solitaire is version of the classic solitaire game by Tiger Studio. Its fun and exciting solitaire game with three different difficulty levels – with 1 suit game you can solve it almost always. 2 suit is a bit harder and sometimes impossible to solve. The regular 4 suit spider solitaire is hard to solve and challenging game with great and addicting gameplay. You can choose your game type when you start new game. This version of the game has hints and undo. Also you need only to tap to make the card move at a possible move. Solving it is very fun.
Rules of spider solitaire
The goal is to create a sequence from King to Ace in suit in the tableau. When such sequence is made its automatically moved to the foundations. You can get all the rules in game from the help button. To solve this solitaire you must move all cards from the tableau to the foundations. You can place a card on another if its less with one from it regardless its suit. You can place any card on an empty place. To move a sequence of cards they must be ordered in descending order and in suit.

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