Caribbean Merchant

Caribbean Merchant
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Caribbean Merchant - great strategy gameDo you like complex airport games where you must draw the path for each airplane and prevent crashes? Now you can try the same mechanics but for large merchant fleet. Be at the center of Caribbean colonization, guide ships, escape evil pirates and hungry monsters. You must safely guide ships to the harbors and after unloading to send them in open sea. There is a complex in-game tutorial but in short your role is to select ships and then draw their path with your mouse. The is an anchor button that you can use to stop a ship and a boost to make the selected ship go faster. In some levels the pirates are very dangerous because they can shoot with cannons and create other troubles. Your troubles won’t end only with pirates. There are also tornadoes, tsunamis and bad weather.
The game is very fun and a bit frustrating when you crush some ships. Enjoy!

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